Manila Food Shop

Manila Food shop has been around here in cebu for as long as I could remember. Lately they have been expanding and improving their restaurants.

Although I have always passed by this place, I never tried eating at their place in Osmena Blvd because of the lack of parking space.

When they opened their branch at the Park mall last year, Yaya and I decided to try dining there. We were curious cause every time we passed by the place it was usually full.

We ordered three dishes to try out their dishes. I ordered the lumpia shanghai

Yaya Ordered the Chop Suey Rice Topping

and an additional Quail Egg Siomai

Here are some of the comments I have for this Restaurant
  • The service is not that good, it took them a long time to serve the food. Maybe because we ate here during their peak hour and they had a lot of customers.
  • The taste of their food is a little bland. I'm not sure if that's applicable on the other dishes on their menu. Compared to other restaurants of the same price level, I would have say that their are a lot more restaurants which have better dishes than them.
Update March 16, 2014
Manila Foodshop has opened a new branch in SM city Cebu since I last dined there. It has been awhile since my last experience at their park mall branch and I am glad to say that my experience at their SM branch was very positive.

Their service was very fast and our food was served with in a few minutes. The flavor of their dishes have definitely improved and their prices are still affordable. I am glad that their management has improved their service.

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