Don Merto's Restaurant

Last Sunday was another chance for me to explore some of Cebu's restaurants. I usually spend lunch together with my family and most of the time we explore different restaurants so long as its within the city and fits their taste.

After trying to convince my family to eat at Ching Palace at Lahug, my efforts useless since the place was already full when we got there. After we passed by Ching Palace my dad suggested we eat at Don Merto's since he was in the mood for some steak.

Although there are three branches of Don Merto's here in Cebu we opted to eat at their SM Northwing branch. When we arrived at the restaurant I was shocked to see that there was no one there. We were the only customers in there and all the adjacent restaurant were already full. This usually is a bad sign for me, especially if its during the weekend and all the other restaurants are full.

The waiter gave us the menu and I skimmed through their whole menu. I noticed that they offer a wide array of steaks in their menu. They also have some affordable dishes which we ordered. While ordering we noticed that my brother could avail their free appetizer using his card which is the dish below.

I really don't know the name of this dish since this was the free appetizer we got but basically this is an eggplant salad

Ceasar's Salad

Pork Back Ribs - P175

Boneless Short Rib - P255

Uno Fried Chicken - P155

I will be updating this in couple of days since its really late already. Anyway as for now my initial judgement for their food is great and well prepared and the service is ok since the place was't full.


  1. Do you know where the other branches are located?

  2. I wonder if you're as much bothered as I am by restaurants overcharging customers just because they feel they're entitled to. And if yes, I wonder if you share my feeling that doing something about it isn't completely nil:

  3. I actually don't mind paying for an expensive dish so long as it is worth every penny I paid for.=)

  4. 94 Juana Osmena St., Cebu City 6000, Philippines
    032-253-5563 this is the location of their other branch. Its located just across vacation hotel. A few meters from baseline.

    1. the resto in Juana Osmena St is the main / the first resto.. aside from loving the food there, you will love the "homey" atmosphere..

  5. i luv this resto ... try their lengua, callos and canalones (they only serve these in their Casa Escario branch) ... too bad they closed down their SM branch :(

  6. Does Don Merto's accommodate candle light dinners?


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