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Last week my Dad asked me about a restaurant at Talamban and if I tried dining there. He told me he read an article at Sunstar about a new restaurant which specialized on tasty ribs. After reading the article on the newspaper, I was intrigued about this restaurant and scheduled my next food trip there.

The other night I had the chance to finally visit the place. After a very hectic new year, I hadn't got the chance to explore new restaurants. When I arrive at Piazza Elesia at Talamban I was astonished to find there were various restaurants and cafes there. It was hard to spot the place since I went there during the evening and their signage had no lighting. We parked the car and roamed around the Piazza and eventually found the place.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the restaurant was the small area they occupied. The restaurant can barely accommodate around 12 customers inside and another around 4-6 people outside. Even though the place was compact the interior was well laid out and designed. They used wooden furnishings, large mirrors and warm lighting to enhance the ambiance of the interior. The framed photos of the dishes they offer also gives the customer a glimpse of what to expect.

When the waitress presented us with the menu I didn't find any appetizers, salad or soup in it so we decided to just order their main entrees. We ordered the Baby Back Ribs(quarter) and The Lemongrass Inasal. I also ordered an additional mashed potato. Our food was served within a reasonable time, maybe it also had to do with the fact that we were the only customers at that time.

Rib Quarter (Spare Ribs) - P 185.00

Presentation of the dish was very basic. It was served with rice and their special bbq sauce. The serving size for the Rib Quarter was adequate for one person although it is not as big as the ones served at other restaurants, it is also a bit cheaper compared to those restaurants. If you want a bigger serving size they also have a half slab (P 425) and a whole slab of ribs (P 700). One thing I liked about this dish is that the ribs were thoroughly cooked and the meat was very tender. The meat easily separated from the bones and even though the meat was thick it was still juicy on the inside.

Lemon Grass Inasal - P 180.00

We picked this dish since I was curious why they named this dish lemon grass inasal. When the waitress served this I didn't expect the serving size for this dish to be two quarter cuts of chicken. I liked that they used the leg and thigh part of the chicken since these were my favorite cuts of the chicken. The presentation  for this dish was similar to the ribs which was very simple. 

What made this dish stand out was the taste. I liked how the lemon grass enhanced the flavor of the chicken. The chicken was thoroughly and evenly cooked. The closest thing I could compare to the taste of this dish is the part of the lechon manok where there are herbs to add flavor to the chicken. Unlike most lechon manok wherein the flavor of the herbs are only present on the rib parts of the chicken, this dish had the flavor both on the inside and outside of the chicken. If you love lechon manok you will certainly enjoy this dish. 

I enjoyed my first dining experience with Everything Yummy. I loved their food and liked the ambiance. I didn't mind that the place was small since they were able to accommodate all their customers when I was their. The service was good and fast and their prices were very reasonable. This is another good place to try and discover since it is located just within the city. My only comment is the limited choices of dishes on their menu. It would have been great if they served appetizers, soup, salad and desserts. We would have ordered appetizers and dessert had they offered it on their menu.

Everything Yummy is located at Piazza Elesia Gov. M Cuenco Ave Talamban

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  1. thanks for the information :) i am just near this place and would love to give it a shot :)

  2. had dinner here the other night, i found out about this place thanks to your blog. yes, the price is very reasonable and affordable BUT the food is not that good. i had the adobomb and it was like 40-50% PURE fat. i only picked the lean meat. my friend chose the lemongrass chicken, i can tell the chicken was old/reheated cause im very very familiar to the taste. it was like something cooked the day before and was just reheated only it wasnt stored right away.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your dinner there. When I dined there I was pretty sure that the chicken wasn't reheated. Anyway, I hope their management will try to correct this. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Mao na gyud ni ang pinaka-the-best nga food blog sa tibuok Cebu! :) I've been dropping by your site every now and then to check your latest discovery. Thank you and Keep it up! You have no idea kung unsa kahelpful ani imong blog labi na sa kadtong mga dili laagan parehas nako hehehe Whenever i have a friend who wants to visit Cebu, i always refer them to your site. -markin

  5. Thanks Markin. I will try to post more. I'm glad you found my blog helpful.

  6. Wow, mukhang sulit yung lemon grass inasal... thanks for the post, willl try to go to this place soon.

  7. the first time i went there, we haven't actually eaten there yet. pag adto namo naa table for 4 na vacant then ang ask sila if kami bah nagpa reserve for mr.blahblah whatever. then we said "no" then they say there's no vacant table. then there was a couple there who were about to get their bill. so we waited, the moment they went out we ask the in-charge if we can finally eat at the table the couple were occupying awhile ago. but the girl said "dli maam wala mangud mi kaybaw when maabot c mr.blahblahblah" then i asked "do you have any idea what time are they coming? or what time there will be an available table for us to eat?" then girl said "we dont know what time maam maabot c mr.blahblahblah" all i can say is what a dumb thing it is! giving reservations to people they dont even indicate a specific time for them to occupy the table. so is that it? they'll just continue rejecting costumers just because they favor mr.blah blah blah's reservation. what if only to find out that mr.blah blah will cancel his reservation. grrr! ahahahaha! sorry for venting my feelings on you! :)) we were just excited to eat there but we just got unlucky! hmpf! ahahaha. maybe we'll try there some other day. hahaha ANYWAYS YOU'RE BLOG IS SO COOL! AND THE BEST! :))

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience there. I hope your comment will reach their management so that they can address this issue.


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