Burger trip at the Tiki Bar

Last week my friends and I decided to go out on a food trip. I did a research on good restaurants outside of Cebu City and found a unique restaurant at Mactan. The Tiki Bar which is located inside the Bigfoot compound has a unique and interesting ambiance compared to most restaurants I've dined. So we all agreed to explore this restaurant and go on a food trip.

Despite the numerous times I passed by the Big Foot compound I never noticed this restaurant. It was only when I asked the guard on duty where the Tiki bar was located that I found out that it was actually located at the back of part of the compound. Even though the restaurant is located inside the big foot compound, it is open to the public.

Upon entering the establishment I can't help but feel that I was on an island resort. The ambiance was designed to make the customers feel like they are in a restaurant on the beach. Since we went there during the night I didn't know that it was actually located on the beach until I strolled around. The place wasn't full when we went there since it was a Thursday night. Most of the customers we saw there were foreigners and this made me feel uncomfortable since I didn't have a clue about the pricing of their food.

When we decided to dine there our only objective was their burger. I read a lot of good reviews about their burger and I convinced my friends that we should give it a try. When they gave us the menu, I was surprised that they only had one type of burger on the menu. So we all ordered one and had some drinks while waiting for our food.

We were already famished when our orders were taken, since we arrived there around at 830 in the evening. Even though we were busy with our drinks I couldn't help but notice that our order took more than thirty minutes to serve. Unlike most burger joints here in Cebu thirty minutes is a bit to long for me, maybe I was just too accustomed to the serving time in most of the burger joints here in Cebu or maybe I was just too hungry that time and time seemed to move too slow.hehehe Anyway I couldn't blame them since this wasn't actually a burger joint but more of a resto bar. What really mattered to me was how the meal tasted.

Taste is actually subjective and people have different preferences. I think the burger was good and it had a different flavor compared to most of the burgers found in Filipino establishments. Unlike the strong flavors found in most local burger establishments here in Cebu the Tiki burger didn't have a strong salty flavor. What you'll notice instead is a good mixture of grilled beef, fresh tomatoes, Onions and lettuce. I am not sure if the burger was a quarter or half pounder. This didn't bother me since I was satisfied with the meal after consuming it.

After our consuming our dinner we continued to stay there for some more drinks. We ordered some tortillas and quesadilla. I forgot to take some photos of these since my only concern then was the burgers. After tasting the quesadilla I regretted that I didn't took some photos of it. The quesadilla tasted great and it didn't took long for them to serve it.

My first experience at the tiki bar turned out good. The food and ambiance was good and I really liked there comfortable bamboo sofas and chairs. It was a good place to hang out and grab some beer and food.

Just an update. My hard disk crashed and most of the photos I took on my other food trips were erased. I will be updating this blog once I recover the files in my hard drive or if I have the chance to go out on a food trip again.


  1. hi! you forgot to pur the prices on the pictures. :)


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