My Bigby's Lent Food Picks

Recently I've been a bit serious about eating the right food to lower my weight. It was also timely that holy week has arrived and restraining myself from eating meat is something we Catholics usually do during Fridays. Last Friday we decided to have dinner at Bigbys. Whenever I dine there I usually order their Baby Back Ribs. I rarely order their fish dishes or any other seafood dish.

This proved to be a dilemma since I could ruin my self imposed diet and disregard the sacrifice that was expected of us during Fridays. When the waiter presented us with the menu I immediately notice the dish that my mom usually orders when we dine there which is the Pescada Al Fresco. I browsed the other dishes on their menu and ordered the Pescado Al Fresco, Tiki Wacky Chicken Salad, and Viva Las Gambas. Asides from the Pescado Al Fresco I was completely oblivious to the serving size of the other dishes. 

The First dish that was served was the Tiki Wacky Chicken Salad. It is comprised of Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Yellow Mango, Walnut, Grapes, Cheese and Cruoton topped with Chicken Salad. I liked how the ingredients mixed well in this dish. The different textures of the food also gave it an interesting dining experience. Although I haven't yet tried a lot of salads, I would have to say this was one of the best salads that I've tried. I liked how the sweetness of the grapes and mango enhanced the flavor of the chicken salad. Had I know the serving size for this dish was this big I would have only ordered two dishes. I know that chicken is one of the meats that I should restrain myself but I think the small portion of chicken in this dish will be negligible. Maybe on my next visit I will order a salad with no meat at all.

Tiki Wacky Salad - P295

The next dish they served was the Viva Las Gambas. This was basically shrimps with a sauce of some sort surrounded with toasted garlic bread. I must say this was my least preferred of all three dishes. I was expecting something different. Maybe I was used to the gambas dishes from other restaurants that have a some sort of garlic with oil sauce. To be honest the Viva Las Gambas was a bit bland for my taste.

Viva Las Gambas - P265

The last dish that was served was the Pescado Al Fresco. This dish is a Pan-seared dory fish fillet with pesto in a pool of onion jus. Since I am already familiar with this dish I decided to order this just in case I didn't like the other dishes. I like the perfect mixture of the dory and pesto. The presentation of the dish is also a plus.

Pescado Al Fresco - P265

Although my lent food picks wasn't perfect I still enjoyed my dinner at Bigby's. The food was presented well and was served within a reasonable time. I know that we Catholics are encouraged to sacrifice during Fridays but after my diner at Bigby's I have to admit that eating fish and vegetables during Fridays will no longer be a sacrifice.

If ever you are curious about the other dishes on their menu you can visit their official site at


  1. simply mouth watering posts. 2 thumbs up!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Jovir.

  3. I hate how I don't enjoy eating salad. Just shows I am not the dieting type. AND the gambas dish looks so yummy. My mouth is watering right now even though I just had lunch.

    Nice one, James!:)

    1. Hello Soulcaptive. I not a fan of salads either but I think the Tiki Wacky Salad was one of the exceptions for me. Thanks for dropping by.


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