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Cebu offers a myriad of restaurants to choose from. Every now and then a new restaurant pops out offering something new. I am always on the look out on new establishments and every time I pass by one, I usually get tempted to go and try it.

Soul bistro, which has just recently opened at Banawa, is one perfect example. I regularly pass by this place heading home and noticed that it was usually full which made me curious. Last Sunday, I finally had the chance to stop by and dine at Soul Bistro. The place which could accommodate around thirty plus people  was full as usual. We were lucky that a customer had just vacated their table when we arrived.

After we were seated the waitress presented us with their menu. I glanced at the wide array of dishes they offered and I had a hard time deciding which one to pick. So I asked the waitress for her recommendation. Our orders were the Herb & Anchovy Pork Chops, Grilled Garlic Chicken, & Shrimps 3 Way.

While waiting for our order I took some pictures of the place and looked around the restaurant. Even though the place wasn't that big, it managed to fit in a lot of people without making it feel crammed inside. The sliding glass doors also made the room look bigger since the exterior space feels connected to the inside. The small touches like the candle light in the middle of the table, the framed photos on the wall and the hanging beads in front of the restaurant enhanced the ambiance of the place. The small wooden furniture used inside the restaurant enabled them to accommodate a lot of people inside maximizing the whole area.

After waiting around 15 minutes our first order was served. The first dish they served was the Herbs & Anchovy Pork Chops. Presentation ,which consisted of two pork chops and mixed vegetables, was very simple. The sauce they used on this dish was delicious, it would have been great had they placed more on this dish. The pork chops were cooked perfectly and the meat was still tender and juicy when I chewed on it.Serving size is adequate for one to two persons depending on your appetite.

Herb & Anchovy Pork Chops - P 169.00

A couple of minutes later the Shrimps 3 Way was served. I liked the concept of this dish which was basically a sampler dish for their shrimp dishes. They served three different ways of cooking shrimp and presented it on a long rectangular plate. There is a deep fried shrimp covered with bread crumbs, and the other two are served with different types of sauces. I tasted each of the three and I loved it all.

Shrimps 3 Way - P 169.00

The last dish that was served was the Grilled Garlic Chicken. Presentation was similar to the Porck chop with the exception of the minced fried garlic topped on top of the grilled chicken. The dish was tasty and serving size was ample for one person. My only complain is it took them over an hour to serve the dish which was also about the time we finished eating our dinner. We weren't able to savor the dish since we were already full when the dish was served.
Grilled Garlic Chicken - P 149.00

Over all I liked everything they had to offer at Soul Bistro. They had great tasting dishes with reasonable price. The service was fast and great, with the exception of the serving time of Grilled Garlic Chicken. The owners were hands on and are very accommodating.

Since I knew that they just recently opened, I totally understood why there were still some minor lapses with their service. I really didn't mind that the last dish took a long time to serve since the other two dishes were served with in a reasonable time and I was already full and satisfied with the first two dishes. I would definitely recommend Soul Bistro. If you do decide to visit Soul Bistro I suggest you call them for reservations at 09222061114.

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  1. where is this located? :)

  2. It is located at R. Duterte St. If you are coming from capitol area it is right after paseo arcenas. It is located on the right side.

  3. one of the reasons i want to go back to cebu!!! :) i want to try the restos there!

  4. Aw! I hope they can have a branch here in Manila! Foods looksoooooyummmmeh :O

  5. does the main dish include rice?

  6. We pass by the place on the way to Tisa, but I have yet to try. The shrimp looks yummy! :)

    1. It looks and tastes delicious. You should give soul bistro a try.

  7. Pork-chop is one of favorite food. Especially the grilled one! I hope the price here is reasonable and I can get what I pay. Thanks for the blog! Hope to visit Soul Bistro soon! :D


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