Buddies home of the ULTIMATE BURGER

Pizzas and Burgers are among the most common food here in Cebu. We find a pizza or burger chain almost in every major street corner in Cebu city. Although there are a range of choices to choose from, the difference lies mostly on the market they cater to.

I admit that I am a big burger fan and every time someone tells me that there is a new burger chain in town, I always see to it that I try out what they have to offer. A couple of days ago I was searching for a new interesting restaurant to try out. I was driving to Piazza Elisia since I heard there was a good resto bar there.

When I arrived there the first thing that caught my eyes was Buddies. I abandoned my initial plan and decided to dine there instead. Buddies burger just recently officially opened last June 25. First thing I noticed was there signage which had a similar color scheme to crispy creme. The interior on the other hand was totally different. It had a simple design, white walls with red and white checkered wall band and wooden furnishings.

When I entered the establishment I saw this huge poster of the ULTIMATE BURGER. It was a whopping four layers of beef patty and four layers of cheese with lettuce and tomatoes. I was so interested about their Ultimate Burger that I asked the waitress about it. When she told me that each patty was 125grams   I told myself that I should just go for the double patty burger. We ordered there Double Buddies Burger, Nachos, French Fries and Sizzling Gambas.

French Fries - P45.00

Our orders were served within a few minutes. The Fries and Nachos were the first dishes to be served. Serving size for their fries was more or less the same as the regular fries found at jollibee or mcdo. The fries were crispy and not saggy which was a good sign. If they paid a lot of attention to their fries I bet their burgers were even better. 

Nachos - P85.00

The nachos was served on a metal bowl which was good for around 2 persons. The nachos were topped with cheese, ground beef, diced onions and tomatoes. I would have preferred that the placed the cheese on a dip since it was hard to eat the nachos without getting your hands full of cheese. Asides from that I think their nachos was ok.

Double Buddies Cheese Burger P180.00

A couple of minutes after they served their specialty dish which was there burger. When I opened the wrap I gazed at the double buddies burger with a watery mouth. I had to resist the temptation on consuming it since I still had to take some photos of the burger. The burger had two layers of cheese, lettuce, slices of tomatoes , and onions. After taking photos of the burger I took a big bite at it and savored the taste. It was juicy and perfectly cooked inside out. One big difference between this and flame it is that I think this wasn't a grilled burger. Nevertheless I still enjoyed there tasty and heavy burger. After consuming everything I started wondering if I could take on their Ultimate Burger challenge.

The last dish that was served was the sizzling gambas. I wasn't able to taste the gambas since I was already full after consuming the Double buddies burger.

Buddies is located at Piazza Elesia Talamban. Asides from their tasty burgers, they also offer tacos, hotdogs and silog meals. If you ever visit Buddies I recommend you try their burger or take on the challenge of the ultimate burger.


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    1. You should try their burgers or maybe try their Ultimate burger challenge.

  2. Thank you for hanging out at BUDDIES and for this write up too! Hope you can drop by again to try the rest of the menu. please do contact us (message us in our fb page) if you do so. Thanks!


    1. I will certainly be visiting buddies again. I would like to take on the Ultimate burger challenge. Thanks for dropping by my blog JP.

  3. Good thing Buddies did open a new branch in Escario, which is more accessible.

  4. We took on this challenge too! although we didn't get to conquer it, it made us even more determined to win the challenge the next time we try it. read about our adventure in our blog



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