Siknoy Noodle House

Its been a while since I last posted here. I've been busy last few weeks with work and I haven't got the chance to go out on food trips lately. Last night I finally got a break from my busy schedule and went out on a food trip.

Since I was in the mood for noodles, I decided to dine at Siknoy. I have passed by this place numerous times but I never got the chance to dine there. The first thing that came to my mind when i read Siknoy is that it was a combination of inSIK and piNOY. I am not sure if that was how they derived the name of there restaurant but I was expecting there dishes to have a mixture of filipino and chineses cuisine.

After browsing there menu we ordered batchoy and beef for our noodles. We also ordered lumpia, siomai, pork spare ribs, and fried bread.

Batchoy Special - P85.00

The noodles was served with a lot of meat and noodles. I ordered the beef and I found that the beef and noodles was more than enough to satisfy my hunger. The soup on the noodles was very tasty and was a perfect complement to the tender beef and long tasty noodles. Serving size was big and is enough for one guy with a huge appetite or two women.

Beef Brisket Noodles - P85

Since spring roll is one of my favorite dishes, I am very picky when it comes to this dish. When I ordered there lumpia I wasn't expecting anything extraordinary. When I saw how bare the dish was served I was expecting it to be ordinary. After I tasted it, I realized my first impression was  totally wrong. I was surprised that there spring roll tasted good. It was crispy and the ingredients inside it was very tasty. I am not sure what particular ingredients they used since I consumed most of it before I even realized that I haven't examined it closely. The only downside to this dish was the presentation. Had they used a smaller plate and maybe place some tiny garnish on it, it would have improved it significantly. I guess great taste and affordable price is better than exquisite presentation.

Spring Roll - P65.00

The next dish that was served was the Siomai. Unlike most of the siomai found on commercial establishments, there siomai was bigger and heavier. They used more lean meat on their siomai but still managed to make it juicy on the inside. I also liked that the siomai wrapper wasn't too soft. Together with the three siomai was a hot sauce. If your not a fan of hot stuff I would stay away from this.
Siomai - P65.00

The last dish they served was the steamed pork spare ribs. I usually order this when I dine at Harbor City and I think they name this dish pai kuat. It is basically steamed pork spare ribs. Unlike the Harbor City pai kuat, there serving size is almost twice compared to Harbor City. They also use more lean meat on their dishes. The dish tasted good and it was heavy on the stomach. The dimsum dishes were affordable and had huge serving sizes. Although it is slightly more expensive compared to dimsum break, the serving size more than makes up for the size difference.

Steamed Pork Spareribs - P65.00

Ambiance of the place wasn't extraordinary. It was typical design for a commercial restaurant. The place was spacious and the kitchen had a huge glass window which to me is a good thing. Seeing the kitchen gives me the assurance that my food is prepared with utmost care since I could see what they are doing inside the kitchen. Service was fast and all our orders was served within less than 10 minutes.

I enjoyed my first dining experience at Siknoy. I went in with an empty stomach and went out with a full and satisfied belly. Siknoy offers tasty and affordable dishes with big serving sizes. Although their dishes lacks presentation, I can live with that since I prefer tasty affordable food than expensive pretty dishes.hehehe Among the dishes we ordered I recommend you try their noodles and Siomai.

Siknoy is located at J. Centre Mall A.S Fortuna.


  1. Thank you for your kind comments :))

  2. Your welcome Wilson. Enjoyed your noodles and siomai. I will definitely be dining there again.

  3. Friendly advice, it would be better if you capitalize proper nouns like Harbor City in your post.

    1. Hahaha Thanks for pointing it out. I'll try and check my posts next time. I rarely proof read my posts that's why I make a few mistakes. Anyway thanks for dropping by and reading my post.

  4. wer n j center is siknoy located?

    1. Siknoy is located at the second floor of J Centre Mall.

  5. I'm glad I've found your blogs. I occasionally visit Cebu and I'm always on the hunt for good places to chow down. Your blogs are a pleasant to read and paints a pretty good picture of what to expect for such a foodie as myself. Keep it coming. Here's to gastronomic passion!


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