Daddy-Yo Diner

Last month after dining at Don Merto's at Rustans Shopwise, I noticed a new restaurant just opened above Don Merto's. I really wanted to try their food but I was too full after I consumed the huge burger from Don Merto's, so I told myself that I will visit that restaurant the next time I am at Rustans Shopwise.

Last week I had the chance to dine there after I bought my grocery at Rustans Shopwise. Daddy-Yo Diner just opened back in May and ever since I saw that restaurant I was curious in what they had to offer.

When we visited Daddy-Yo Diner I didn't know what to expect. The waitress offered us the menu and I noticed they had a variety of dishes in their menu. I asked the waitress what she recommends in their menu and she told me that I should try their Burger. So we ordered their Double Decker Burger w/ bacon and egg, Onion rings and Corned Beef Breakfast Meal.

While waiting for our order I took some photos of the interior. The theme and design of the restaurant reminded me of TGIF or District 50's with some slight difference. The colors red, white and blue are prominent in the interior which reminded me of the American flag or Filipino flag. I liked that their restaurant was adequately lit, which made taking photos a lot easier.hehe 

The old movie poster and photos on the wall were fun to look at but what really caught my attention was the horizontal border made of Coca Cola bottle caps. It made me wonder if the owner had any business with Coca Cola or if he or she is a big fan of Coca Cola. Either way I think its a nice way of reusing those bottle caps.

After waiting a couple of minutes the Corned Beef Breakfast meal was served. The Breakfast meal was basically corned beef with egg without any presentation. It just like any other silog meal, serving size is also about the same as other silog restaurants. The only difference is that they offer unlimited brewed coffee together with the meal.

Corned Beef Breakfast Meal w/ Coffee - P99.00

Since I love drinking coffee I didn't mind the simple breakfast meal since I drank at least three rounds of coffee. They also offer unlimited coffee at P50.00 which is a good deal to me. I usually drink at Bos coffee when I am at Rustans Shopwise, but after dining there I will be drinking my coffee at Daddy-Yo Diner.

A couple of minutes the Double Decker Burger was served. It was served with fries which was about the same serving size as a regular fries at Jollibee or Mcdo. I noticed that it looked like they had a hard time stacking up the ingredients in my burger.  The additional bacon and egg made the big burger a lot bigger. Asides from the fries the burger came with a Coke Sakto.
Double Decker Burger w/ Fries and Coke Sakto- P159.00
Bacon Addon - P30.00
Egg Addon - P15.00

After taking pictures of the burger I readied myself for the first bite. I had to compress the burger in order for it to fit my mouth. The burger was perfectly cooked and I liked how the flavors of the ingredients perfectly mixed. The fries were crispy and I didn't find any soft fries on my dish. The only thing that lacked in my burger was tomotoes. In my excitement to try their burger I didn't notice that there wasn't any tomatoes in my burger.

Even without the the tomato the burger tasted great. After having a hard time consuming the burger I realized that I should have just stuck with the the two burger patties which was actually enough for me. The additional bacon and egg made this huge burger a lot heavier.

Onion Rings - P89.00

Surprisingly the last dish that was served was the Onion Rings. I ordered this dish for appetizers since I knew that this was easy to cook. We were already famished when we went there and I thought this would have been a great dish for us to consume while waiting for the main course. Not that I'm complaining since the food was served within a reasonable time. I was able to taste the rings since this was served while I was half way munching on the burger. The onion rings was served with a dip. It was crispy and tasted good. 

My first Daddy-Yo experience was good, in fact a couple days later I went back and ordered coffee and  their Sloppy Joe Hotdog. They have comfortable furnishings and the food is good. Among all the dishes I tried, I recommend you try their Burger. There coffee is also ok if you like drinking brewed coffee without paying too much for it.

Daddy-Yo is located at the second floor of Rustans Shopwise Mambaling. One last thing, I think it would have been better if their signage on the entrance was a bit bigger since it is not that visible from the ground floor.

Update: Daddy Yo Diner is no longer in operation


  1. Looks like a cool place, and the burger looks awesome!

    1. Yup the place is great and their prices are very affordable.


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