Front Gate

A couple weeks ago I bought some coupons from Front gate was offering half price on their sloppy joes, since I have never tried this dish I bought a coupon and explored this hole in a wall restaurant. Little did I know that I have passed by this restaurant numerous times in the past.
When we arrived at front gate their were only three tables available inside since there were already a few customers dining there. The restaurant could accommodate around thirty people inside and a few more outside. Within a few minutes another group arrived and the place was already full. It was a good thing we arrived there early. The waitress offered us the menu and asides from the Sloppy Joe from the coupon we ordered the Buffalo Wings, Just Bacon and Mashed Potatoes.

While waiting for our food, I took some photos of the the interior.  The interior was decorated with a few Mexican sombreros and some framed artistic photos. The ambient lighting was warm and a bit dim which is common on most restaurants. The restaurant had a light yellow, orange and blue theme. The exterior was rough concrete with an partially faux brick finish. The blue door and canopy complements the orange bricks and interior.
Sloppy Joe - P 115
Within a few minutes the Sloppy Joe was served. Serving size for this dish was about the same size as a regular burger. Although the sloppy joe used a burger bun, the ingredients used inside were different. Instead of a burger patty, they used chilli con, jalapeno and melted cheese. Since this was my first time to try this dish, I had no idea how to eat it. My first attempt was to eat it like any other sandwich and the ingredients was just dripping all over my plate and my mouth was also smeared with the con carne and cheese. After a few more bites I slowly got the hang of it and the sandwich was history.

Just Bacon - P115
The next dish they served was the Just Bacon and Mashed Potato. Well the name of the dish is pretty much explanatory. It was basically "Just Bacon". Even though this dish is just bacon, I liked that the serving size for this dish is quiet huge. I think it was almost as many as a one pack of bacon you usually buy from the grocery. Another thing that makes this bacon special is that it is homemade bacon. The bacon was cooked to a crisp and for its price I think you couldn't go wrong with this dish. This is a perfect snack or pulutan which ever you choose it to be.

As for the mashed potato, I forgot to take some photo of this but I think it is worth mentioning here. The serving size was huge which was great since we didn't order any rice. It was placed in a bowl which was filled with their tasty gravy. The mashed potato didn't taste anything like the ones you find in a fast food chain, it was full of flavor and was thoroughly prepared.

Buffalo Wings - P125
The last dish served was the Buffalo wings. I wasn't able to take photos of this dish using my flash since the waitress requested me not to use it. I guess the customer adjacent to our table got annoyed by the flash reflected to the ceiling. So I took this photo without my strobe.

Among all the dishes that we ordered, I liked their buffalo wings the most. The wings were crispy and was smothered with their special spicy sauce. It was served with a blue cheese dip. The flour mixture they used to cover the outer layer of the wings was delicious. Even if they covered the wings with their hot sauce the wings remained crispy and full of flavor.

When I consumed my first piece I didn't notice the spiciness of this dish, it was only when I finished the whole my coke that I began to feel the spiciness of their sauce. Despite the spiciness of the dish I still managed to finish a couple more pieces of this tasty. I will definitely order this dish again on my next visit and maybe ask the waitress to separate the sauce from the wings.

Front gate had other dishes to offer which we hadn't tried yet. Maybe on my next visit I'll try their burgers and other appetizers. Their service was very good, the waitress immediately entertained us and our orders were served very quickly. The food was great, serving sizes were huge and the prices were very reasonable. I recommend you check this place and try the different dishes they have to offer.

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Front Gate is located at 21A Maria Cristina Extension (Beside Sacred Heart School for Girls), 6000 Cebu City
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  1. The Bacon Cheeseburger is the best seller here and they recently added a Heart Attack burger to the menu. Nice post! This is the place to go to for the perfect midnight snack. :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

  2. Hello justinne. Thanks for the tip. I will be bringing my friends there for a food trip and I'll give their heart attack burger a try. From the sound of it, i think it will be a challenge to finish that burger. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I'm drooling for those great looking wings! Reading your blog has opened me up to all these nice places to eat that I've never even heard of. Thanks!


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