Choi City Seafood Restaurant

Last week I received an invitation to dine at Choi City from Kim, the executive assistant of choi city. I've been looking forward to dine there again since I never got the chance to write a post about Choi City. Although I have dined there a couple of times I was never able wrote a post since I didn't know the names and prices of the dishes we ordered. The invitation from Kim was a perfect opportunity for me to try their other dishes.

When we arrived at Choi City we were immediately entertained by their friendly staff and they brought us to our table. After we were seated Kim and Aaron, the brother of the franchisee, informed us that they prepared something special for us. The stove and small ad about their eat all you can Shabu Shabu gave me a preview on what's to come .

After chatting with Kim and Aaron about the history of Choi City and the backgrounds of their Chinese Chef, the waiter began serving the ingredients of the Shabu Shabu. When I saw the first plates I was amazed on the variety of ingredients for their Shabu Shabu. The first plate was filled with different kinds of balls mixed and vegetables while the second plate was filled with various kinds of meat.

While the waiter was placing the ingredients one by one he also named each ingredients while he was mixing and cooking it. I wasn't able to get all the name of the ingredients since I was overwhelmed with the aroma of the shabu shabu. While waiting for the shabu shabu to cook they served the fried rice, Roasted Layered Pork and Xiao Long Bao.

The first dish I tried was their shabu shabu. At first I was careful on which balls to eat since I’m allergic to crabs. Each ball I ate had a different flavor and each time I refilled my bowl, a different flavor fills my taste buds. After a few more refills I didn't notice that I already ate a couple of balls with crabs in it. I was too busy enjoying the shabu shabu I forgot to take some photos of their fried rice.

The Roast Layered Pork is one of my favorites at Choi City. I've tried this dish in my previous visit and seeing that they included the Roast Layered Pork made my dining experience even better. The only dish I could compare the Roast Layered Pork is the Lechon Kawali. Unlike the Lechon Kawali the Roast Layered Pork is a selection of a specific part of the pork picked by the chef. It has a crispy layer of skin and a thin layer of fat and a thick layer of juicy lean meat. The crispiness and flavor of the skin is consistent in all of the chopped pieces. In my own opinion their Roast Layered Pork is the best crispy pork dish that I have tasted so far. Serving size for this dish is larger compared to other restaurants. Their small is about the same size as two serving of Lechon Kawali found at other restaurants.

The next dish I tasted was their Xiao Long Bao. I haven't tried this dish before so I was curious about its taste. The Xiao Long Bao looks similar to dumplings but the major difference is the ingredients inside. Instead of meat inside the wrapper the Xiao Long Bao contains soup. I was amazed that the chef paid a lot of attention in the preparation of this dish since most of the dumplings in Cebu doesn't look like this and are usually hurriedly prepared. I picked one piece of Xiao Long Bao using my spoon since I was afraid that I might tear the wrapper and spill the soup inside if I used my chopstick. I was surprised that it tasted totally different from the dumplings I am familiar with. It had a different texture and flavor and the soup inside made it a different experience.

The last dish that I tasted was their New Choi City Fried Rice. It looked similar to their yang chow fried rice but tasted a lot different from it. It even tasted great without paring it with the other dishes. As I mentioned earlier I wasn't able to take some photos of the New Fried Rice since I was too busy exploring the different balls of the Shabu Shabu.

The prices of their dishes are very reasonable. If you consider the serving size and quality of of their dishes, their prices are very competitive compared to other established Chinese restaurants here in Cebu. The food at Choi City are prepared by four foreign Chinese chefs with different expertise. The experiences of these chefs from established restaurant in Hong Kong and China guarantees quality and satisfying culinary experience. The different flavors of their dishes and wide variety of more than 200 dishes on their menu offers a lot of choices for Cebuanos who want to explore the diversity of Chinese Cuisine. The large interior can accommodate up to 500 persons and is perfect for meetings, parties and other large gatherings.

My Shabu Shabu experience at Choi city was great. I enjoyed the various ingredient that were new to my taste buds. For just P398.00 per head you get to enjoy their eat all you can Shabu Shabu. I enjoyed and highly recommend their Roast Layered Pork. Asides from the good food and warm hospitality of Aaron and Kim, the earthquake right after our dinner made this experience unforgettable.hehehe If ever your craving for authentic Chinese food I recommend you try Choi City and explore the various dishes they have to offer.

Choi City is located at Banilad Town Center.
They are open from Mon-Sun 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM.
For reservations please contact 032-239-0999


  1. Looks so delicious. hmmm.. ! :D
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  2. wow, i will visit this shabu shabu resto this august..


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