One Claypot House

I found out about One Claypot House after reading a blog post from Phoebe Roxane last year. One Claypot House offers Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai, and Filipino dishes. Even though I regularly pass by One Claypot House, I never had the time to drop by and dine there. Last night I finally got the chance to explore this unique little restaurant.

Upon entering the establishment, you'll notice a lot of attention was focused in the small details of the interior. The restaurant which has very limited space, can accommodate around 16-18 people. Despite its small area, the ambiance of the restaurant is enhanced by the use of wooden tables, sleek chairs, small table accessories, the black and white poster of Grace Kelly and chandeliers.

After taking a couple of shots of the interior, the waitress offered us their menu. Their menu only had a few dishes to choose from, their menu is complete with soup, appetizers, pasta and the main course. Prices of their dishes are very affordable ranging from Php150-Php250. We ordered their best seller, Lah-lah-lah Claypot, Fried Prawn Noodles and Chicken Wings.

They have three serving sizes for the  Lah-lah-lah Claypot. We ordered the medium size which was good for 2 persons. The Lah-lah-lah claypot which has a Cantonese origin is composed of pork, chicken meat, sausage, boiled egg, and some vegeteables. The dish which is basically rice toppings is very similar to Harbor City's hot pot dishes. Serving size for the medium Lah-lah-lah was huge, if you have a huge appetite like me, it will be probably be good for you only.

The Fried Prawn Noodles found on most Singaporean and Malaysian restaurant, was something different for me. Ingredients were dry noodles, prawns and spicy gravy sauce. The spicy sauce they used was hot enough for me to break into sweat and consume about three glasses of water. The taste was something unique to since this was the first time I tasted Singaporean cuisine. Serving size for this dish is good for two persons.

The last dish we ordered was the Chicken Wings. Among the three dishes we ordered, this is what I recommend. I love the flavor of the coating they used on their chicken wings. They topped the chicken with some onions and a sauce which resembled the spicy sauce for the siomai. The skin or coating of the chicke wings were very crispy and the sauce enhanced the flavor of the dish.

Since we were the only ones dining there during that time, our food was served within a few minutes after we ordered. I didn't find any mastercard or visa signs inside the establishment, so my guess is that they don't accept any credit card. I enjoyed dining at One Claypot. I spent a total of Php737 which included our drinks. Service was very fast and the food was affordable and tasted good.

One Claypot is located at 68 Don Gil Garcia St. Capitol Site, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines, 68 Don Gil Garcia St, Cebu City 6000. They are open daily between 10:00am-10:00pm.

For reservations contact: Landline no. (032) 236-5003 Mobile no. +639082791498 For more info visit their facebook page at:

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  1. I love your blog! Very informative with a helpful map and great photos that really make you want to check out the restaurants and dine there. It's nice to find a food blog in Cebu that actually cares about the quality of photos posted. :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words Joann.

  2. I love the food here! I totally agree about the chicken wings. It really is something. Of all the dishes that would impress you, you'd never think it would be the wings. :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Hello Justinne, I found some new and interesting restaurant at your blog. I'll try and visit those restaurants soon. Thanks for dropping by.


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