It has been a while since I got the chance to explore restaurants due to my busy schedule the past few months. While roaming around J Centre Mall I noticed a restauat that I haven't tried yet. They had numerous posters around J Centre Mall advertising their various dishes.

I decided to look for this restaurant in the mall. It took us a few minutes walking around to find this place. The restaurant was hard to find since the entrance is outside the mall. There wasn't any signs to guide us to the restaurant or maybe I just didn't notice the signs. Outburst has two different areas for their restaurant and bar, each has their own different ambiance.

The restaurant interior was spacious, and was mostly indirectly lit with blue fluorescent lamps. The white furnishing used inside looked great. What I really liked about the interior is the little details that enhanced the interior design. The use of Lamps as casing for the CFL added a nice accent to the ceiling. Their wash area is a bicycle that has a basin and faucet mounted in the rear.

I was so busy taking picture that I didn't notice the time it took them to prepare our food. We ordered the Grilled Squid, Sisig with Egg, and White Sauce Chicken. It took them around 25-30 minutes to serve our food.

The first dish they served was the White Sauce Chicken. This was basically fried chicken wings smothered with their white sauce. I am not sure what they used in their white sauce but it tasted good. They used around three wings for this dish which is good for 1-2 persons. My only complain with this dish is that some parts of the inside were half cooked. I'm not sure if the chicken wasn't thoroughly thawed before cooking but the meat close to the bones were hard to separate from the bones.
White Sauce Chicken - Php 150.00

 The grilled squid was served a couple of minutes after the white sauce chicken. The squid was stuffed with tomato and onions and applied with sauce. The squid was soft, juicy and perfectly cooked. The stuffings inside the squid enhanced its flavor. Serving size for the squid was good for 1-2 persons

 Grilled Squid - Php 180.00

 The last dish that was served was the Sisig. I was surprised this dish was served last since this was supposed to be an appetizer, maybe they had to prepare this dish from scratch.  The sisig was meaty mixed with bits of chilly. Serving size ,which is about the same size as a sizzling plate, is good for 1-2 persons.

Sisig with Egg Php 120.00
The food at Outburst was ok, with the exception of the uncooked parts of the white sauce chicken, all the dishes tasted good. Prices and serving sizes of their dishes were very reasonable. Their service needs a little improvement. Even though they were only serving three customers that time, it took the waiters a while to to take our orders and serve our drinks and bill. Our total bill which included 3 rice and 2 unlimited Iced Tea was Php 585. Outburst is located at the Second floor Veranda Area of J Centre Mall, below Golds Gym.

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