Last Sinulog I visited City Time Square and found various new restaurants to explore. One of the restaurants that caught my attention was Gumbology. Gumbology derived its name from the Gumbo dish which originated in Southern Lousiana. The Gumbo is a dish that combines special spices with assorted vegetables to make a stew.
City Time Square
The restaurant design, which is inspired by the Mardi Gra, has bright colored walls, lighting and furnishings bringing a festive ambiance to its interior. Another noticeable accent in the restaurant is the numerous Mardi Gra masks found on the center of there table and on poster frames on the wall. The interior design is very eye catching, but what really interested me was their specialty dish the gumbo.

Calamansi Juice - Php 48.00

While looking at the menu, the waiter recommended the Big Easy Gumbo and the Clam and Corn Chowder. We ordered the Big Easy Gumbo, Crispy Chicken Skin, Lumpia Sisig Roll, and Clam and Corn Chowder . They served us a complementary bread and butter while we waited for our orders.
Complementary Bread and Butter

Clam and Corn Chowder - Php 118.00

Within a few minutes they served the clam and corn chowder soup. The soup was served with two slice of toasted bread. The soup consisted of corn, clam without the shell, and other vegetables. The clam and corn chowder soup was creamy and full of flavor. It was similar to cream of mushroom but had more flavor to it due to the ingredients like the clam, corn and other vegetables. Presentation was of the dish was very simple but the flavor was great. The Clam and Corn Chowder can be shared or served for one person.

Crispy Chicken Skin - Php 80.00
The next dish that was served was their Crispy Chicken Skin. Their chicken skin was fried had a crispy coating. The dish had a thick coating of flour which overwhelmed the main ingredient which was the chicken skin. I hardly notice the flavor of the chicken skin. The waiter informed us that this dish is usually served as Pulotan. I was expecting this dish to be similar to Sunburst's Chicken Crackers but I guess each restaurant has their own ways of serving a particular dish. Serving size is good for one to two persons and just like what the waiter told me is perfect for pulotan.

Sisig Lumpia Roll - Php118.00
The next dish that was served was the Sisig Lumpia Roll. Compared to the previous two dishes, more effort was exerted in presenting this dish. The Sisig Lumpia Roll is Sisig wrapped with lumpia wrapper and fried to a crisp and then arranged on top of a bed of sliced vegetable and served with sweet and sour sauce. The dish was perfectly fried and the sisig inside was juicy and full of tasty. Another thing I liked about this dish was it wasn't oily despite its greasy ingredients. Serving size is good for one to two persons.

Big Easy Gumbo - Php 288.00
The last dish that was served was the Big Easy Gumbo. The dish consisted of shrimp, fish, scallops, squid, slices of sausage, fresh okra, and baby vegetables and it is served with rice. What made this dish stand out was the sauce which enhanced the flavor of the dish. I tried dipping the Crispy Chicken Skin and it tasted great. I'm not sure what they used for their sauce but it tasted great. The seafood ingredients were fresh and well prepared. The Big Easy Gumbo looked and tasted great. Serving size is good for one person.

I admire restaurants that serve food that looks exactly like the photos they put on their menu. Gumbology offers a lot of dishes that are both pleasing to the eyes and tastes bud. Some of their dishes are a bit pricey, but considering the quality of the food they serve, I would have to say their prices are reasonable.

I enjoyed most of the dishes we ordered except the crispy chicken skin. I recommend you try their clam and corn chowder soup and gumbo dishes. I will be ordering their other gumbo dishes the next time I visit Gumbology. Gumbology is locted at the back portion of City Time Square which is behind Park mall. Prices of their dishes range from 100-288. Gumbology accepts credit cards and City Time Square has a ample parking space at the back of the mall.

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