Katsinoy Katsilang Pinoy Cuisine

Spanish Filipino Restaurant
I found out about Katsinoy Boutique Cafe a few weeks ago. Katsinoy offers authentic Spanish and Filipino dishes. They have a wide variety of soup, salad, pasta, tapas(appetizers/snacks), main course meals and budget meals to choose from.
Katsinoy Interior
Despite the limited area, the restaurant has a ample space that can accommodate 40-50 people. They also have a small function room for meetings and people who want some privacy. The interior is well laid out. The rustic furnishing, wooden chairs and table reminds me of old Spanish homes from down south.

Katsinoy Boutique Cafe
Cerdo Asado - Php189.00
My wife and I ordered their Cerdo Asado, Pollo Asado & Grilled Fish Fillet. It took less than 15 minutes for our orders to be served. The first dish that was served was the Cerdo Asado or grilled pork medallon. The Cerdo Asado has two tender slices of grilled pork chops with sauce coupled with fries, a small serving of salad and a cup of rice. Serving size for this dish is good for one person but can be shared by two people with small appetite if they ordered an additional rice.

Katsinoy Boutique Cafe
Pollo Asado - Php189.00
The Pollo Asado or grilled chicken chops composed of two slices of grilled chicken with sauce, fries, salad and a cup of rice. My usual complain with chicken dishes is that some restaurant don't properly cook their chickens. Some grilled chicken are still partially raw inside and have blood near the bone area. I didn't experience this problem from their Pollo Asado. The chicken was juicy and thoroughly cooked inside. The sauce enhanced the flavor of the dish. Serving size for this dish is good for one person but can be shared by two people with small appetite if they ordered an additional rice.

Katsinoy Boutique Cafe
Grilled Fish Fillet - Php 99.00

The Grilled Fish Fillet composed of a single slice of grilled cream dory fish with sauce, fries, salad and a cup of rice. I liked how the sauce enriched the flavor of the grilled fish. The dish was very tasty, full of flavor and the fish was properly grilled. Even though this was a budget meal, the preparation and presentation of the dish was not different from the main course meals.

Although I didn't try their Spanish dishes such as The Lengua and Callos, I would recommend you give Katsinoy a visit if your in the mood for Spanish cuisine. They have a wide selection of dishes to choose from and all of the dishes we ordered were tasty. Most of the prices of their food are affordable and serving size were big. I liked how they prepared their food, I admire restaurants that take time to make their food presentable. Service at Katsinoy was excellent, the waiters immediately entertained their customers and it didn't take long for them to serve our orders.

Katsinoy Boutique Cafe is located at 19 A - El Dorado Subd., Banilad, A.S. Fortuna St., 6000 Cebu City. It is situated just a few meters from the Gov Cuenco Ave-AS Fortuna flyover.
They are open from 11:00 am - 9:00 pm. They accept major credit cards.
For more information visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KatsinoyBoutiqueCafe


  1. The service is not good, the food is so salty. The ambiance is so packed. I dobt want to get back on this place. Im so disappointed. . . . .certainly would not come back.

  2. Hi thanks for the heads up! Have you heard of Ipars? This restaurant is also great when it comes to serving Spanish dishes especially the paella. Their leche flan is also delicious!

    More food spots in Cebu can be found at http://www.lahosinday.blogspot.com.


  4. this cafe has already closed weeks ago and it has been replaced with a new one. I just forgot the name of the new cafe but its not spanish anymore.


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